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About the Artist

Prajakta Bhosle is a self taught artist who has excelled in hyper realistic and colourful acrylic landscape paintings. She is a young entrepreneur who seeks inspiration from elements of nature, seascapes and wilderness to mention few. She is the owner of which is an ecom platform to buy painting kits, supplies, artwork and workshops. She along with her team has managed to take more than 100s of Workshops offline and online India and currently providing free tutorials for art lovers around the world.

About her Art-Style

Prajakta works in Hyper realistic and colourful acrylic landscape paintings. Her subjects range from everyday objects to landscapes, seascapes and animals.


She has her own brand - Paintastic Arts, under which she sells her Art and teaches through tutorials and workshops. She has participated in National exhibitions.

Favourite Quote

Be Persistent , Not Talented

- Prajakta Bhosle

Favourite Artists


Lindsay Rap

Color by Feliks

Mantra for Successful Art Career

Be persistent - this is the only way to achieve all your dreams.

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