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Updated: Feb 21

About the Artist

Poonam Malpani Dhemre is a Paris-based Franglais-speaking, dance crazy, baguette chomping, Paris based color freak. Poonam has been playing with colors all her life, working on clothes, crafts, paintings, body painting, graffiti, etc. and has an extremely interesting take on how beautiful they could look together.

About her Art-style

Two things make Poonam's art unique. One is her technique, or the lack of it. Being self taught, she is very experimental with her work and the tools she uses. The second is her quirky aesthetic sense, which is at the same time beautiful and irreverent. Like walking in purple rain.


She has participated in many Art exhibitions. and shows which also include prominent Live Body Painting Shows too.

In April 2015, she had the honour of being commissioned by the Indian Embassy at Paris to design the backdrop for a community event held on April 11, 2015, at the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris, in honour of the Indian Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi's visit to France.

In July 2014, she had the honour of being the Indian delegate to the UNESCO Art Camp 2014 in Andorra. Among 31 artists from around the globe, I created works  that are now part of the permanent UNESCO art collection.

Favourite Art Quote

Cheerful, energetic and genuinely new, always have an extremely refreshing take on art.

- Poonam Malpani

Mantra for Successful Art Career

Keep believing and creating Art. Do not be bothered but be intriguied by everything around you and let the colours be your way of expression. Be bold, be free, be energetic, be you.

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