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How to Paint Watercolor Florals?

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Megha Kapoor is Rad Educator for Watercolour Florals.

The term "watercolor" refers to paints that use water-soluble, complex carbohydrates as a binder. This has been one of the most popular mediums since a long mainly due to the beautiful texture it provides and also rendering a feeling of satisfaction to the artist. Here are the basic steps through which you can make your Watercolor Painting easily.

Materials required :

1) Watercolors

2) Paintbrush

3) A cup of water

4) 180 GSM sheet

Step1: Drawing and Outlining

Here I have started by just marking the horizon line and I have done a rough drawing to check the placements of the composition, if you want you can do a fine drawing too.

Step 2: Laying down the big Shapes and the loose edges

Wet the whole sheet and start by painting the big shapes in the picture with their local colors and at this stage, we are painting loose edges

Step 3: Adding the Details in the middle ground

Start painting the details in the area which is not your focal area but the area around the focal point.

Step 4: Bringing out the form in the Focal Area

Come to your focal point and paint the focal area thinking about the direction of light and shadow

Step 5: Adding Depth

Add depth into the picture by adding dark shapes and dry brushstrokes. The details bring out the whole picture and brings the viewer to your focal point.

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