How to paint realistic old women portrait in oil colour on canvas

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Deepak Deshmukh is a rad educator for painting with oil colors.

Today, we are going to learn how to paint realistic old women portrait in oil color on canvas

Step 1:

Start with the eyes, using shades of peach, yellow, orange, white, pink. Mix them up and proceed according to the image given below.

Step 2:

Move on with the second eye. Make sure to add wrinkles where needed as you are painting an old woman, For the next eye, use the same color as before. Add some tint of red near the eye area to make it look more realistic.

Step 3:

It's time for the nose. Merge the colors together and do as shown in the picture bel0w

Step 4:

The specs need to be covered with grey and take some peach and brown and try to complete the cheeks. Add some spots here and there which can act as blemishes and pores in the skin.

Step 5:

Cover the forehead portion, in the same manner. Add a bindi with red color.

Step 6:

Complete the mouth area. The lips should have a tint of pink brown white.

Step 7:

Now, we have to work upon the cloth(saree) for that add yellow, red, pink, white, and shades of brown color.

Step 8:

Paint the hair with shades of grey, white and black colors and paint the background with colors of your choice.

Step 9:

Add some more strokes of colors here and there and you are done. A beautiful picture in front of you.

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