How to Paint Realistic Apple in Acrylic

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Deepak Deshmukh is a Rad Educator for Oil Landscapes..

Step 1:-

Start off by drawing a rough sketch of the apple.

Step 2:-

We will then begin with the painting by focusing on the leaf first. Use a number of shades of green to get that natural-looking perfect leaf. Understanding the lights and shadows and where they would fall is very important.

Step 3:-

Now we will start with the apple working our way from the top to the bottom. Again, observing and understanding the minute details of the object you've decided to paint is important. A basic layer of different shades of red is to be blended together smoothly.

Step 4:-

As we work our way downwards, the shades become darker, because of the lack of light. And, we'll also quickly fill in the stem.

Step 5:-

Add little blotches of black in the lowest part of the painting, and orange little dots all over the apple, as you'd find one a real one.

Step 6:-

Go on refining your painting by adding, remaking specific parts of it, until you feel satisfied with the end result.

How to Paint Realistic Apple in Acrylic


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