How to Paint Goddess 'Nut' ?

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Poonam Malpani is Rad Educator for Acrylic Abstract.

Meet Goddess Nut, the sky Goddess in Egyptian culture. Her body became the pathway for the Sun. Ra (the Sun God) passes over it during the day before Nut swallows him at night. Then, a new day starts when she gives birth to him again every morning!

Step 1:

Paint the wooden plank with multiple colours in a triangular pattern as shown.

Step 2:

Draw an outline of the goddess with a pencil and then paint it with shades of blue. Highlight the back with black paint as shown.

Step 3:

Now. draw her hair and head using black paint. For the face, use the shade of blue

Step 4:

Draw Polka dots over her body and hair with white colour. Make circular curls on her hair using white colour.

Step 5:

Paint triangles with different shades of colours like golden, red, and pink using masking tape as shown.

Step 6:

Using golden and brown colour give a highlighting effect.

Video -

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