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How To Paint a High Key Floral Painting in Watercolour ?

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Megha Kapoor is Rad Educator for Watercolour Florals.

The term "watercolor" refers to paints that use water-soluble, complex carbohydrates as a binder. This has been one of the most popular mediums since a long mainly due to the beautiful texture it provides and also rendering a feeling of satisfaction to the artist. Here are the basic steps through which you can make your Watercolor Painting easily.

This time we are taking a high key picture as a reference. The high key is a picture which has lots of light and the contrast and the shadows are very minimal. Watercolour is a medium that is transparent so we cant go dark to light instead we will from light to dark.

Materials required :

1) Watercolors

2) Paintbrush

3) A cup of water

4) 180 GSM sheet

Step 1:

We will start drawing light shapes around the main floral shapes through our brush leaving the main flowers as they are the lightest and have white as their local color.

Step 2:

We will add more dark values in the middle ground still leaving the white flowers.

Step 3:

We will paint the first White flower comparing the values. Since the light here is a cool morning light the shadows will be warm.

Step 4:

In this step, we will add the dark values in the background carefully maintaining the shapes and drawing of the flower and will simultaneously work on more white flowers.

Step 5:

The last step is adding details after the big shapes. So details like small lines and some more dark and hard edges for defining the shape of the container and the edges of the flower will be added.

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