How to make realistic hair using Charcoal ?

Updated: Feb 16

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Amit Kumar Meena is Rad Educator for Charcoal Sketching.

In this tutorial, I've shown how to make realistic hair using charcoal powder and an eraser as the main tools.

Materials Required:

1) Charcoal powder 2) Camlin soft charcoal pencil 3) Eye shadow makeup brush 4) Flat synthetic brush 5) Mono eraser 6) 170 GSM textured drawing paper

Step 1:

Creating strokes with Charcoal and Blending Charcoal

Step 2:

Take a brush and put a little amount of Charcoal Powder in it. You can try different strokes with the brush. Move-in the direction of the hairline to blend the charcoal on paper. 

Step 3:

Make layers by erasing with Mono eraser.

Step 4:

Use Mono or Pencil eraser to erase the light part of the hair to make the first layer. Cover it with charcoal powder and repeat the process. The more layers the better, it gives the drawing a realistic effect. 

Step 5:

The fine hair details are added with a pointed charcoal pencil. After erasing, use a sharp charcoal pencil to make fine thin lines of hair. Make sure you're not using too much pencil or else it will become too dark.

Step 6:

Use a flat synthetic brush. A flat brush is good to make a soft hairlike effect. 

Use Mono eraser to make the final highlights, repeat all the steps more time to get a better effect. 

Important Tip :

The tools I’ve shown are not important, you can choose any similar grade charcoal pencil and charcoal powder which is easily available to you. 

Techniques matter, tools don’t. So, start practicing and practice makes everything possible. 

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