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How to Draw Realistic Glass bottle from Color Pencils

Rad Educators is a 1-year program intended to help beginner artists learn step-by-step techniques from professional artists across different mediums. This is in no way sponsored or promoted by any particular Art Brand.

Heet Bhavsar is a rad educator for realistic drawing with color pencils.

This is a step by step guide to a realistic Cellia bottle (BLACK) from the cheapest material available.

Materials Required:

  • Faber castle bi-color pencil color set of 18

  • Gelly roll white gel pens

Step 1: Understanding materials and the object

  • The purpose of using a grey-toned sheet for realistic color pencil work is to highlight the curves on the objects or the depth of field on a plastic surface.

  • Understanding objects mean to understand the depth of the object. Height is also considered in drawing but we can't draw them so shadow works as the illusion of height for the viewer.

  • While creating a reference work, don't take pictures where there is no angle of height. A little bit curve of high should be visible while creating(clicking) reference.

  • Always put a light above the object so that you can get white reflection highlight and perfect shadow depth which looks like the height.

Step 2: Draw the object

  • Use the grid method to draw the object while you want to draw a realistic object

  • Using the grid method shows perfection in realistic works.

  • Create a grid on reference (there are lots of apps available for this)

  • According to your paper size choose how big an object you want to draw on the sheet and remember bigger object drawing means there is space to do much in-depth detailing, color, layer, etc,

Step 3: Initial Stage

  • In this work first step is to fill the whole back surface and for the curve on the left side (bottom of the bottle) use black and give a reflection using white color.

  • For the bottle cap, use red, deep pink, and dark brown and use a white gel pen for the reflection.

  • For right surface curves or bottle caps give dark grey, black and white reflection.

Step 4: Middle Stage

  • After you are done with the surface, it's time for detailing the label, and texts.

  • For the label sticker, apply a full white layer. For the outer layer use grey color according to the light effect.

  • For the curve surface on the sticker use normal white pencil color.

  • Write the text

Step 5: Final Stage

  • The final stage is to give a reflection on the glass surface.

  • Give reflection and highlight by glass marker, white gel pen, and acrylic color as shown.

  • The last step is to give a shadow effect using either airbrush or graphite or charcoal and give the soft shadow. Avoid giving hard ones by rubbing colors hardly.

More the smooth shadow more the depth of field and illusion.


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