How To Draw Realistic Colgate Toothpaste Using Color Pencils?

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Heet Bhavsar is Rad Educator for Colour Pencil Sketching.

This is a simple step-by-step guide to learning how to draw a Colgate Toothpaste using affordable materials.

Materials Required :-

Fabercastell Bi-Color Pencil Color set of 18

• Gelly Roll White Gel Pen

• Grey Toned Sheet

• Apsara White Glass Marker Pencil

Step 1:- Understanding the material and object you want to draw

•First of all, the purpose of using a grey-toned sheet for realistic color pencil work is to highlight the curves of an object’s wrapper or the depth of a field on a plastic surface when light is focused on the object or the plastic surface.

•In order to draw realistic objects using color pencils, we would need to show the depth of the object using shadows. This is because in 3D pictures, height is also given due consideration but that isn’t possible to draw so we use shadows which work as an illusion of height in the eyes of the viewer. This is known as understanding the object.

•One more thing to note here is that, whilst clicking pictures, make sure that there’s an angle to the object which accentuates the height of it using shadows.

•Lastly, the light should always come from above so that you can get the white reflection highlight and also the perfect shadow which would act as the height of the object when we draw it on paper.

Step 2:- Drawing the object

•Like always, I’d suggest you use the grid method whilst drawing objects that look realistic in nature.

•And it’s absolutely okay to use the grid method for reference because it helps you to achieve that perfect realistic-looking drawing. Using it makes you no less of an artist than a free-hand one.

•Create a grid on the reference picture in accordance with the size of paper that you have.

•Just remember that a bigger object would mean you’d have that much extra space to work with on the meticulous details of your object, color layering, etc.

Step 3:- Initial stage

•The first step now is to fill the main base shade of Colgate, ie, the blue and red. You can do it with pencil colors directly and repeat the steps until you get the desired shade of red and blue that you want.

•The second step then is to fill the perspective view type of base layer meaning the bottom layer of the Colgate box which you can see.

•Lastly, you have to blend the base layer with a darker shade as the perspective bottom layer is dark which means that you’d have to gradually blend the whole thing together from bright to dark as you go from start to end of the drawing.

Step 4:- Middle Stage

•Start off by giving the edges the true shade of bend and fold that they require.

•In order to do this, especially the bumpy right corner of the reference picture, start by shading it with ultramarine blue because it is darker and glossier than the middle blue shade. Then continue by blending the two.

•Follow the same trick for red as well. It’s darker on the left corner than the usual shade of red in the other parts, so work your way carefully into blending the two together.

•Fill in the Colgate text with white color and give it a proper greyish tone as shown in the reference picture.

Step 5:- Final stage

•This is the final stage. Start by giving reflections and highlights which is the main part of this drawing because the surface needs to look like plastic for the drawing to look more realistic.

•Do so with the help of glass-markers, white gel pens, and acrylics.

•The last thing left to do is to give shadow. You can use an airbrush, graphite, or charcoal for the same and do it for as long as you need to get the dark shade that you want.

•The smoother the shadow looks, the more depth of field and illusion it presents.

Here's the complete drawing is done. I hope you enjoyed creating it with me.

See you in the next one!

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