How to Draw Basic Cube and Objects ?

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Deepak Deshmukh is Rad Educator for Oil Painting Objects & Landscape

For beginners, it is extremely necessary to learn geometric object drawing and basic perspective. Learning to draw cuboid is very important as you will be able to make 3D drawings of the smallest of objects to the largest ones easily. Moreover, the most frequent and easiest figure used in a drawing is a cuboid.

Below given are the techniques through which you can draw objects using a cube:

Step 1:

To make a simple cube, draw two rectangles, one slightly at the down right corner, and connect both the rectangles.

Step 2 :

Connect the bottom left corner of the first rectangle to the bottom left corner of the second rectangle. Do this for every corner.

Step 3 :

For making any object like table, chair, sofa, or bed, make a cuboid with the angle proportionate to that of the object.

Step 4 :

Highlight and darken the edges of the cuboid as per the shape of the object to mark its outline.

Step 5:

Shape the cuboid according to the object you want to draw and color them as you wish. For the edges use a darker shade

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