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Updated: Feb 18

About the Artist

Heet Bhavsar is a 20-year-old 3-D hyperrealism artist from Vadodara, Gujarat, India. A civil engineer student whose passion lies in Art.

I started Art as a hobby, but soon when I entered college I realised what it meant to me. My interest in Perspective, Automobile Design and Animation made me try 3-D trick art. Slowly, this interest shifted to actual 3-D artwork, and I started sketching life-like coloured objects. My inspiration for this is Marcellobarenghi Sir. Being a self-taught artist, his videos helped me immensely to learn the techniques of 3-D art. I've heard people say that you require high-grade pencils to create the best quality artwork. In my case, that is not true. I use very basic student-grade colour pencils on grey paper, and the results I get are very satisfactory.

About his Art Style

Heet's work is mainly 3-d objects done in colour pencil and mixed media on grey-toned sheets. capturing every detail, light and shadow, while keeping the typography of the brand/object intact is a speciality he has mastered.


Winner of Art on Spot (College level Art Contest).

Winner of Zonal-level Art on Spot Competition.

Decoration Head in College for 3 continuous times.

Favourite Art Quote

If I can do this, then why can't you?

- Heet Bhavsar

Favourite Artist


Howard Lee

Mantra for Successful Art Career

Most of us are told that to be successful, you need to be a doctor, engineer, lawyer or businessman. Art as a career is not taken seriously. But, if you are passionate enough, you need to show it with your practise and dedication. Don't expect support from anyone, keep working tirelessly, let your skills convince people that you are made for Art. Keep on creating, take reference but add your own techniques to the artwork as well. Create your own moves and be the king of your field.

My Art Memories

In my college, I got to work on really big art pieces which have been a pride of my college. From Eiffel Tower to DreamWorks Logo to Abstract - I made huge art pieces for my college events.

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