Guide to painting semi-abstract Goddess Oshun using Acrylic Colours

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Poonam Malpani is Rad Educator for Acrylic Abstract.

From the Goddess series: Meet Oshun, the Goddess of love, beauty, fertility, fresh waters, and divinity in African culture! She also possesses human traits like vanity, jealousy, and spite!

She heals the sick, cheers the sad, and brings music, dance, and prosperity! May she shine her light upon us!

Materials required:

1) Canvas/ Wooden plank

2) Acrylic Paints

3) Paintbrush

4) Pencil and Eraser

Step 1:

Draw the outline of the goddess with a pencil on a wooden plank. You can use a canvas board too.

Step 2:

Paint her skin and hair using shades of black and brown. Do not hurry to paint the eyes and lips at this stage.

Step 3:

Using white colour, paint beads on her hair. For this, use a round brush and paint dots in a line. The lines of the head are slightly curvy as head is a sphere. Add shades of crimson red, yellow ochre to highlight a few beads.

Step 4:

Paint her eyes, nose and lips. Don't add many details, but outlines of her expressions. Outline her hands and body to lift the painting.

Step 5:

Using a mix of chrome yellow and yellow ochre colour, paint jewellery. Draw polka dots around her waist and wrist and on face as her embellishments.

Step 6:

Using shades of sky blue, ultramarine blue, cerulean blue, paint her dress and add a few strokes of sap green, crimson red, mauve and yellow ochre to create highlights and add depth.

Step 7:

For the background, use white, burnt sienna and yellow ochre colour. Create a aura effect by leaving a bold outline white. Create leading lines towards the goddess from the outside to bring focus to the subject. I've added texture in the lines for an abstract effect.

Watch the tutorial here -

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