Easy Seascape Acrylic Painting for Beginners and Intermediate

Updated: Feb 10

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Prajakta is a rad educator for acrylic painting.

Seascape painting is a very easy painting and you can make this in any medium.

Let's get started!!!

Materials Required:-

  • White canvas/stretched canvas/any base

  • Colors-acrylic color/oil color/poster colors

  • Preferred colors: white, black, sap green, cobalt blue, Prussian blue, scarlet lake, crimson lake, yellow, orange(of course, you can choose yours).

  • Flat brush

Step 1:

Wet the brush, take a bit of Prussian blue and some white, mix it together, and apply the first shade on the canvas. While painting the background, remember that the brush strokes should be in one direction. Here I am moving my brush horizontally. If you change the direction you might not get a smoother finish in the end. As we move below we have to make the shade lighter.

Step 2:

Make another light color, for that we need red, white, yellow(optional), blue. Also crimson lake and white will work here, and the color is ready. Now, the tone becomes really very pretty. The bottom-most part will be a light blue color, you can also mix cobalt but make sure it's well mixed with white. next, take the yellow color and with very thin flat brush no.1 or 2 and at the center make the sun with the help of white and yellow and make clouds around it with the peachy pink color yellow and white

Step 3:

Take the violet color, and make a quick line .use the Prussian blue and black but remember not to use an excess of it. Simply dab on the canvas to give some far of trees like a texture. You could also do this with the help of a thin brush, just make some fine lines and dab on besides these lines.

Step 4:

Put some yellow lines below the sun, these are going to be very short lines and as you are moving towards yourself you can find that the lines are a little wider. Quickly add the shade of dark color, some Prussian blue below the trees.

Step 5:

Add some branches and leaves at the top part of the painting, because that is going to look really very pretty, and use a very thin brush and sap green for leaves. Make the sun a little brighter. add red to the background as well near the trees. Add some white color near the horizon. Add some fine lines towards the seascape, you can add some highlights in blue. Keep on making fine line with blue, pink, white.

Step 6:

Add some waves of white and blue that is thick and a little bit blurry. And once again you can check the color of the sun.

Step 7:

Now, take some more color like any shades of brown, burnt umber, black, Prussian blue, titanium white, crimson blue, and some sap green to add more highlights and detailing. Make some stones using black and Prussian blue. Use the color to highlight here and there as well as add detailing and it's done.

I hope that you will enjoy painting this.

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