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Develop an artist's view to handle criticism

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

Are you finding it hard to deal with negative comments, unhealthy competition, and criticism? You're at the right destination then. Here are tips for you to overcome the uncomfortable, bothering thoughts and handle criticism from an artist's perspective.

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First of all, it is completely natural, completely okay for you to feel this way. When someone works so hard for what they love, when they put all of themselves in their passion to achieve something, every little appreciation and every tiny praise means so much. So, when each good thing said about your art matters to you, why would the negative comments not affect you? Why would they not bother you?

Of course, they will, and it is okay for them too. What's not okay is you not being able to accept them. Do not escape, do not ignore the negative comments. Sit back, let each of them sink in, try and understand the way it is said, and do not misinterpret them as plain hatred or senseless statements.


This is one of the most common mistakes that people commit when it comes to dealing with criticism. Don't revert back with negativity, do not think of getting back on that person, do not plan sarcastic replies or equally negative comments. It might seem like the correct decision for now, but it is absolutely not. In this impulsiveness, it will try to fool you, seeming like it will give you peace, but it is meant to do the exact opposite. It will just result in increasing the negative aura around you and disturb your peace. Now we do not want that, do we?

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Yes, even criticism has two sides to it, one of which, contradictory to its name, should be considered as good. What is being talked about here is called constructive criticism.

When you decide to display a subjective thing like art to the world, you also need to understand that by doing that, you are opening it up to every single individual's opinion, like it or not. Well, while some of them are plainly meaningless, negative comments, some of them can actually be of use.


The comments done by the trolls, the haters and stalkers who just criticize your skill, the comments that feel directed to you more than your art - ignore them. Know that it's not, in any way, what you are, it's just a reflection of their mindset, and that their thought process is probably not in the right space and supposedly needs some insight.

What they say, does not define you, remind yourself that each time it bothers you.


While some may have opinions on your artwork, others might also want to see you improve on your skills, and work on the details you may have failed to notice.

By telling you your faults, they do not mean to insult or degrade your artwork or artsy skills in any way, If they would actually want to see you losing, they would never really tell you to improve.

Know that there is always, always something to learn from someone, no matter how less experienced they may be. Anything anyone says might hold a lot of knowledge, a lot to gain if looked closely. So, what they tell you to improve upon, or any mistake they point out, is completely for your benefit. Bring that to your use, ponder upon it and work on polishing your skills more!

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While you might need to take some comments seriously, and many opinions into notice, it nowhere means that you have to change yourself in any way. Making improvements, taking someone else's advice, working on it, and learning from another person's point of view is extremely good, but there exists a very fine line between improving yourself for your own good, and changing yourself to be accepted by others.

Art is too pure to be done from any thought process. It must be always, and only done from the heart. You do not have to do anything that does not seem right to your heart, just like you do not have to create anything that fails to stir your soul and arouse emotions in you.

Art is meant to create peace all over the world, and none of it is possible if it does not create peace within an artist's soul. It is okay for you to receive criticism because it is proof that your art is making a difference, that it is creating an impact, that your art is alive.


Wishing you a creative escape ahead!


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