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Updated: Aug 19, 2020

About the Artist

Deepak Deshmukh has completed his Masters in Electronics and Telecommunications and then started working as an Assistant Teacher at an Engineering College. But 3 years into his job, and he realized his real passion i.e Art. He started practicing Art and over-time learned various mediums. His work is Hyperrealistcs with contemporary and spiritual subjects. His work is sold nationally and internationally. He has given classes to many celebrity kids as well.

About his Art Style

The subjects of his artwork are contemporary or spiritual, done in various mediums but always hyperrealistic.


He has also held many solo and group exhibitions of National and International level in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Aurangabad, and many cities in India. He also worked for European Projects of VOC for 3 years and sold almost 30 paintings in Amsterdam (Europe) which are exhibited in Malaysia, Singapore, and many other countries.

Favorite Art Quote

When you have a proper guru or mentor just a little effort in the right direction will make a drastic change in your career graph.

- Deepak Deshmukh

Mantra for Successful Career

Art is a skill that comes with practice and technique. Learn the right technique and master it by practicing every day.

Connect with him - Instagram, YouTube

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