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ArtQube Galleria organised Bijay Biswaal's Acrylic Painting Workshop in Pune brings back life !

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

On Jan 23 and 24, 2021 ArtQube Galleria Pune hosted Bijay Biswaal's Acrylic Painting Workshop in Pune. After almost an year of being locked in homes due to the pandemic, this painting workshop revived the creative community in the city.

ArtQube Galleria Pune is a company owned by artists involved in the promotion of painting and fine art; by providing quality art material under the ArtQube Galleria brand which can be affordable and feasible by all, international Exhibitions - a platform to market ad sell art, workshops by Legendry Artist to upgrade their skills and many more such activities.

With more than 50+ people participating, from youngsters to seniors everyone learned right from the basics of composition, perspective and colour theory to the advance techniques of blending, detailing and texturing with acrylics. As Biswaal Sir, revealed tips and tricks, the participants did their best, trying to inculcate everything the master has to offer.

In the words of Biswaal Sir himself, "The feeling of mixing colours, bringing life on canvas is a joy to behold. The in-person experience is next to nothing. One doesn't see a magical transformation in two days, but it is more about learning from the core and an attitude to observe that makes the difference. I'm not here to make replicas of Biswaal, I believe in simplifying the techniques and presenting it before my audienece. I take every opportunity to promote realism and find it appealing when artists want to learn this artform. I'm extremely impressed to see all the arrangements and the enthusiasm of the participants. This makes me happy."

Listen from the legend himself -

The gathering was huge, as not just Punekars, but people had come from other parts of the state too to attend his workshop. But, the organisers made sure; every precaution - social distancing or wearing masks and sanitizers was taken care of. Along with this, the organisers also provided every participant with complete material and food. These two days full of creativity and learning were spent at the Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute, Pune where attendees also got the opportunity to learn about a 300 year old Mahabharat manuscript which the institute library hosts.

The organising team headed by Atul Katkar, Pramod Mane and Prashant Shitoot aim to change the way Art is perceived by bringing in more such opportunities for the creative community under their venture ArtQube Galleria. The event was supported by Venus Traders, Art Affairs Magazine, Kokoyu Camlin and Rad Art Media.

Catch this interview with Atul Katkar -

The workshop was completed by Certificate Distribution. The overwhelming feeling of meeting the master and learning under him, could be seen among the participants. Clearly out of words, their smiles were enough to understand how satisfied they were with the individual attention and time that each one got from Biswaal Sir.

Hear what the participants have for say,

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