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Artist Jigna Somaiya at Navaarambh Art Exhibition in Bangalore

Hello, I am Jigna Somaiya, an emerging artist and art mentor. I love exploring different mediums such as pencil sketch, watercolor, charcoal, color charcoal, acrylic, oil paint, pastel pencil, doodling etc. I consider myself very fortunate that I got the opportunity to learn different mediums from renowned artists.


I recently exhibited my artworks at Navaarambh- A new beginning ( Group art exhibition). And, here’s a bit about my experience. 


Navaarambh - A new beginning truly was a new beginning for me after the pandemic. I had participated in few art exhibitions before but this was my first afterthe pandemic. 


When Edward Hopper said, ‘If I could say it in words - there would be no reason to paint’, he definitely got it right. Although art is often times a visual medium , it is capable of communicating as effectively as words .


At Navaarambh, I communicated about womanhood through my artwork and the medium I chose was oil painting. It was an eight day event starting from 26th November to 4th December 2022 at Bangalore art Gallery- Yuvaka sangh.  Sixteen artists from all over India exhibited their artwork and it was a privilege to be a part of this beautiful event. 


Title of my four art exhibits were

1.Hopeful reflections - a hopeful teen and her reflection 

2. American beauty- how does a teen emerges into a beautiful lady



3. Elegant cover up - Transformation of a lady into a beautiful bride to be.

 4. Devi- Devi is my version of goddess- as a lady after marriage could understand the worldly affair  and how she calmly manages to live her life with spiritual enlightenment



Apart from showcasing my work, the best part about the event was that I got to mingle with fellow artist. By talking to them and trying to understand their art pieces, I gained a new perspective about the whole visual art medium, what it entails and how it can inspire people differently. The whole experience was not just gratifying but very enlightening for an artist like me who is slowly trying to find her footing in the world of art. 


Another highlight of the event was the live sessions that all the participating artists got it witness.


It was absolute pleasure to watch Artist Shivraj give us a demo of color pencil painting, followed by a demo of Water Color painting by Vandita Bansal and PapiyaMazumdar.

Mr. Shridhar Comaravalli, the freelance cartoonist, showed us his caricature talent and it was super fun and exiting.

Overall, Navaarambh was a learning experience for me and one that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

Also, During the event, I managed to sell few paintings and ended up getting commission work too which was extremely encouraging. I am thankful to my family and friends who played a major role in helping me throughout the event. I am grateful for their support in my art journey. I am glad I participated in the exhibition because I got to take away so much from it including new connections and friends from the field.


Lastly, one of the art connoisseurs collecting the artwork purchased from my exhibits at Navaarambh.

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