Ambbali Bhattacharya Dutta : An International Watercolorist

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

About the Artist

A Gurgaon based Watercolorist and Art Educator, and the founder of Ame by Ambbali Art Cafe. Ambbali has worked in the embassy, but recently upon realising her love and passion in Art, became a full-time Artist since the last 5 years. She has exhibited nationally and internationally. And, her work has inspired many, especially women in corporate to start taking up hobbies again and learn Art.

About her Art Style

Ambbali works in watercolour medium mainly and her style is Impressionistic. She clicks most of the reference photographs herself and then brings them to life on paper using subtle colours and themes.


She has showcased her work internationally. specially in Europe and also participated in many national exhibitions. Her work is frequently featured in many local and national newspapers.

Favourite Art Quote

Watercolor is like meditation amidst the storm of your thoughts.

- Ambbali Bhattacharya Dutta

Favourite Artist

Alvaro Castagnet

Mantra for Successful Art Career

I would like to say only 3 words - Patience, Practice and Perseverance.

Note : She has an upcoming workshop on Watercolour Skyscape and Portrait in the last week of August 2020.

Connect with her - Facebook, Instagram, Youtube.

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