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You know WHAT to do, 

but don't know HOW!

Feel like talking to someone who knows

the art of "Art Business'?

Worry not, you are on the right page!

You just need to have the guidance
to lead you in a direction,
until you can do it yourself!

Your problem may have multiple suggested solutions, but how do you decide the best for you?

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Most problems can be solved
by putting the right words in these blanks:

..... and then doing it.

Let us fix these blanks for you.

Choose the area that you identify as challenging, select the topic and book your session!

3 easy steps and you are sorted!

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Growth & Development

Ready to

climb the success ladder?

Practising every day, fairly confident and

have big dreams...


Growth and Development is

NOT happening at the pace you expected.

Have small doubts and fears, confused about taking risks and decision-making?

A little help can put you six months ahead!

Talk to our expert, get your doubts cleared

and keep climbing with

enhanced confidence, goal clarity

and more knowledge.

Our expert, will answer any of your questions related to the below topics

60 minute, 1:1 call with you to help you navigate.

A Growth Artist Consultancy session is priced at INR 1500/- only

  • Reaching out to Art Galleries

  • Organising an Art Exhibition

  • Preparation before an Art Exhibition

  • Art Pricing

  • Developing your unique Art Style

  • Starting an Artist Studio/Academy

  • Starting an art-based Business

  • Brand-building for Artists

  • Passive Income as an Artist

  • Starting a Podcast

  • Entering the NFT Art Market

  • Art Copyrights

  • Artist Growth Map

  • Content Creation for Artist

  • Application for Art Grants and Residencies

  • Building an Art Community

Everything is hard, before it becomes easy!

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