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You know WHAT to do, 

but don't know HOW!

Feel like talking to someone who knows

the art of "Art Business'?

Worry not, you are on the right page!

You just need to have the guidance
to lead you in a direction,
until you can do it yourself!

Your problem may have multiple suggested solutions, but how do you decide the best for you?

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Most problems can be solved
by putting the right words in these blanks:

..... and then doing it.

Let us fix these blanks for you.

Choose the area that you identify as challenging, select the topic and book your session!

3 easy steps and you are sorted!

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Creative Career

Are you tested

High in Creativity? 

Did you always want to build a

career out of your creative genes...


worried if it will be stable, financially viable

and establish your worth?

Or taking that opportunity to 

play the second-innings

and switch careers, start after a break?

Or simply feel stuck?

A call can change your life then!


Our expert will answer all your questions from the below topics,

60 minute, 1:1 call with you to help you navigate.

A Career Artist Consultancy session is priced at INR 1500/- only

  • How to choose a Creative Career?

  • Portfolio Guidance

  • Preparation for Art and Design Entrance Exams

  • Starting Art Journey after a Break

  • Switching career to a full-time artist

  • Scaling up as an artist

  • Alternate Creative Careers

  • Time-Management for Artists

  • Balancing a core job with Art 

  • Financial viability for Art 

  • Amateur to Professional Artist

  • SWOT analysis for Art Career

  • Overcoming Family Challenges 

Always go with the choice that scares you the most, 

because that's the one that is going

to help you grow.

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